Consumer Review of AdderRX from UK

I was visiting my cousin in Miami when I first got introduced to this product and the whole smart drug and nootropic supplement scene in general. I am a blog writer and I can’t even believe it took me this long to hear about never mind think about trying an over the counter product that could help improve my focus and concentration. I am required to sit and concentrate for hours at a time and although I am quite trained to do so, there are those days when I am just quite lacking in the intensity and focus required of myself.

My cousin let me try a couple AdderRX samples during my trip there and I was instantly hooked, right after taking them, well maybe about 45 minutes after, I could notice that I was so much more alert, energetic, in a great euphoric mood and just wanted to be productive. I tried them while writing early one morning and before me and my cut went to the gym and I got to say that these give you incredible focus when working out or when writing as well.

I don’t think I will be taking these daily as many people probably are, as these kind of products have a tendency to develop a tolerance in you rather quickly, but I will definitely buy a couple of bottles and pop a couple when I know I’ll need the extra edge most.

If anyone is looking for a boost, I found that adder rx worked great at making you super energetic yet able to focus on a singular task even if its boring. They take about 30-45 minutes to kick in and then it seems you get a solid 3-5 hours of gradually diminishing energy and mental alertness. I haven’t really tried any similar product so I don’t know how to rate or review adderrx in a comparative or value sense, but will definitely be watching the smart and focus supplement market from now on as the extra edge has provided a lot of great results for myself and my cousin.

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