Customer AdderRX Review from Canada Student

adderrx review by student I have had a hell of a time keeping up with my school work this year and was desperately looking for some help. The previous 3 years were hard but I ran out of savings and needed to take a lot more hours at work to keep up with my day to day expenses and maintain any sort of a normal social life. A lot of my friends and classmates have been taking pills to help them, especially during exam periods, but I really wanted to stay clear of that route as I know myself pretty well and tend to have an addictive personality. Also I have no idea how they afford that crap as it is definitely in demand and not cheap at all, several of the people selling it must be well on their ways to becoming millionaires ha.

Anyways, I took to the internet to find a safer and more natural alternative to pills like that which led me to a few options, the most interesting of which I found to be AdderRX. It seems to be the most heavily promoted and regarded option on the market right now. I decided to give it a shot and ordered 3 bottles of AdderRX at the companies online store as I called around and it doesn’t look like there is anywhere where you can buy adderrx in store or any of the main vitamin stores carrying the product.

I’m about done my first bottle now (gave away a couple days’ worth to a friend whom said they LOVED IT) and I got to say that this stuff is surprisingly strong. I guess its worth mentioning that I don’t even drink coffee so the stimulant ingredients in AdderRX probably pack a greater punch for me than your average coffee guzzling student. I did notice some headaches and I was a little jittery and anxious the first couple times I took a dosage on an empty stomach, so I would recommend people take this with a meal if they are first starting out.

Attention & focus wise this definitely did seem to help quite a bit and continues to do so. I would compare it to those days when you are just zoned into a task, like you have tunnel vision for it and want to sit down and complete it before you do anything else. This is a godsend for people like me that try and find any excuse to look away from the book and are constantly distracted by Facebook, twitter, texts, email whatever. LOVE the tunnel vision effect!

Anyways I don’t normally write reviews but this product was really great and I thought I’d leave my opinion as I didn’t find many real user adderrxp reviews online as of yet. Side effects I experienced were headaches and a bit of anxiety and jitters but I would stack this up to me being very stimulant sensitive and taking on an empty stomach. Rating wise so far I would have to give it an 8.5/10 with it losing some points for its cost as I am just a poor college student. I would recommend it to people looking for an extra push and for those times you really need to focus on a specific task for an extended period of time. Good luck!

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