My Review: AdderRX Side Effects, Results, Does it work

critique of adder rx Alright well I got my hands on this product a couple weeks back and have been taking it twice a day since. I figured I would share my experiences as when I was first researching it, there was very little in the way of actual information or unbiased adderrx reviews from users. If I wasn’t able to research the individual ingredients of Nuphetamine HCM to read some good things or have got a personal word of mouth recommendation I probably would have never trusted this product.

Shipping & Ordering Process:

Straight forward, I bought off the main website at NexGen BioLabs after trying to find the cheapest price or any coupons and searching for some consumer reviews. Shipping was as promised (actually arrived a day early) and there were no problems with the online store front or payment to mention.

First Couple of Days:

These products seem to pack the biggest punch in the first week or two and Adder RX was no exception. If you haven’t been taking caffeine, DMAE, L-Tyrosine, Ginseng or other stimulants expect to feel a little tweaked out and really stimulated for the first couple days while your body adjusts. I am no usually one to react negatively to these types of products but the strength of ADDERRX was definitely noticed the first couple of days.

Side Effects & Safety:

I wouldn’t recommend taking more than the normal dosage. I did do that a couple times to see what would happen and it got a bit nausea, headaches and some stomach cramping. The ingredients in the product are fairly well known to be safe for regular consumption though, and I had no negative side effects noticed except when I stupidly took more than the regular dosage of pills.

Energy & Alertness:

This is half of the equation to having mental focus and productivity. You need the attention but you also need to be alert while concentration. The energy provided by this product was clean and long lasting without a crash, it didn’t last as long as I would have hoped at about 3.5 hours most times, but at least I could just take some more and not have to worry about big crashes or come downs

Concentration & Attention:

Definitely did feel myself more focused and into what I was doing. Whether it was reading, writing, working, lifting weights, cardio or whatever kind of tasks I would usually zone out and get bored of, I am more into it and ‘present’ if you will while on this pill

Value, Price & Do They Work:

It’s a good overall product and you can buy AdderRX at a fair price I would say. Is adderrx a miracle pill? Of course not, but it does work as intended and as long as you have realistic expectation you should be pretty satisfied with its performance versus its price. A solid overall value if you require enhanced mental clarity and productivity.

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