User AdderRX review from Australian College Student

I have tried a few of AdderRX’s competitors’ products in the past and figured I’d give this pill a try after having some fairly good results with the competition. I purchased a months worth online It was decently priced compared to some of the other options out there and obviously its much cheaper than buying the prescription brand name pills that so many college students are taking and selling these days trying to stay up all night and cram for tests at the last possible moment.

The first couple days on this were absolutely awesome, followed by a couple of days where the product wasn’t as strong. I actually noticed this with all 3 of the products that are similar that I have tried, so perhaps some of these over the top AdderRX reviews are from people that have only been trying it for a couple of days where you really feel an on top of the world effect before you get a little more used to it.

That’s not to say the product isn’t great, just that realistically if you tried out a sample or for a couple of days you should realize that you will get used to the stimulant effect in it quickly and won’t have that same euphoric rush. The energy, alertness and focus boost do stay noticeable for a couple of weeks with these products though, however I would recommend only taking it when you absolutely need to and not every single day if you want to keep its effects strong and from your body getting to tolerant to some of its stronger ingredients and herbs.

Compared to the other products in the market I would have to say AdderRX by Nexgen Biolabs is one of the best. It did give me some nervousness and anxiety the first week, but after that I was fine and really enjoyed the smooth, crash free energy and alertness boost it gave me. All of these ‘focus & study’ supplement are way better than slamming a bunch of energy drinks or coffee in that regard, they last for 4-5 hours in my experience and the come down isn’t all sudden leaving you wreck or crashing hard like when you have had way too much coffee and sugar all at once.

I’ll probably order this again for the next school year or keep experimenting with the other options on the market, Adder RX is definitely one of the better options out there right now but every person is going to react differently to the different ingredients so its best to experiment around and find the best combo for yourself.

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