Student’s testimonial for AdderRX study pills

adderrx testimonial

Good value if you have a techie job

Came across these pills on a college humor site a couple months ago and dismissed them until I realized my grades were slipping and considered taking something for help studying. I read tons and tons of Adderrx testimonials and reviews and although I didn’t believe all the hype that they were spewing, they did turn me onto the product as a potential study aide. I am slightly familiar with Nootropics and so called brain supplements, but could really find out anything about the Nuphetamine they say is in their products. They claim it is supposed to be a synthetic amphetamine? I don’t really understand that from a science standpoint but it would seem they are just trying to get people lured in that have been using Adderall, Ritalin, methylphenidate and all those other ‘study drugs’ that float around college campuses. Regardless I decided to give it a try knowing that nootropic products show people memory, concentration and study results and reading through many positive testimonials and reviews.

On the regular Adder RX dose I am definitely a lot more energetic and alert. Rather than feeling shaky and like running around as soon as I sit down like on other energy pills and fat burners. The energy from Nexgenbio labs Adderrx is different though, you are alert and hyper, but also able to sit down and concentrate on even the most mundane tasks, I guess that’s the power people are talking about in reviews. I didn’t have any side effects like headaches and trouble sleeping (although after reading enough negative reviews about insomnia I knew not to take it close to bed time)

It’s a bit expensive but I guess it paid for itself within a week in the extra results I got with work and studying. If you are the type of person that needs to sit and focus for long periods of time for work and school this might be an investment product for you too, I probably wouldn’t be buying adderrx study pills again otherwise as it would be an expensive habit for nothing.

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