Unexpected Weight Loss Side Effect with AdderRX?

adderrx weight loss Hey, so I had heard really good things and had read a couple other positive user Adderrx reviews so I decided to try it out and have loved the product for focus and energy, but it has had one weird upside I’m surprised they are not marketing it for. Has anyone else experience fat and weight loss with AdderRx supplementation? I don’t know which particular ingredient is doing it, or if it’s a combination of them but I find that I have absolutely no appetite while taking a regular dose of this smart drug. I am in decent shape and I was pleasantly surprised to notice the fat burning off over the course of 3-4 weeks that I have been reviewing this product for its ability to increase concentration and focus, specifically in school and office work. Reading through the various ingredients I am aware that there are stimulants in it, which cause a slight calorie burn, but I have taken other things that were stimulant loaded and never experienced quite a strong effect.

The product is great for mental energy and good clean physical energy in general actually so perhaps I have been more active or at least moving at a more vigorous pace while on the product, but I really haven’t noticed. Any of you other adder rx reviewers out there experience something similar? Is there a specific ingredient that is causing the appetite suppression and calorie burn? Or has the new found productivity just been burning away the fat without me noticing any extra exertion or change on my part.

They really should be marketing it as a weight loss aide as well if others are experiencing the same, I would have decided to buy a couple bottles extra if I knew it was going to help me lose weight before summer without paying extra shipping lol. I know the study aid and Adderall / Vyvanse alternative market is huge right now especially among college students, but a greater percentage of the population is desperate for an effective and safe without side effect weight loss pill like this one seems to be providing for me.

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