Side Effects with Addieup – Critique

addieup critique Alright so I am pretty sensitive to products like this and have been trying to find a good mild over the counter one that wouldn’t cause me too much discomfort while still being maximum strength for my ADHD like symptoms. I took to the web, forums and message boards to learn as much as I could before I decided to buy addieup and try it, and one of the things that really turned me on was that people were saying that it was side effect free despite its 7-8 different potent ingredients all mixed together.

I decided to order confident that this might be the mild yet powerful attention and brain booster that I had been looking for. I decided to start off with a small dose on a full stomach and slowly work my way up as my body and mind adjusted to it.

Unfortunately I did have several of the same symptoms and bad side effects as with competing supplements. I get anxious (stimulants?) while on it which can be annoying as hell and I also become quite antisocial and irritable (again stimulants?) I don’t know if I’m doomed to all type of products containing stimulant ingredients or what because other addieup reviews don’t point out these symptoms.

The other thing I didn’t like with this ‘natural’ OTC supplement was the upset stomach. About an hour after taking these my stomach would get that bubbly feeling and my movements wouldn’t be as solid if you know what I mean. I’m assuming that’s one of the fancy herbs in the ingredient blend because I didn’t get that in the products without.Anyways, just wanted to throw out my frustration and leave a review for anyone else out there that is very sensitive to products. I’ll keep searching and leaving reviews till I find the answer!

Pretty strong stimulants might cause side effects
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Visitor: Jason Morris on
March 3 2013

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