Testimonial for Addtabz as Brain Enhancement Pill

addtabz testimonial This is one of the first brain enhancement and Nootropic type of products or pills I’ve tried and I must say that I am already sold after only about 10 days of using it.

I work from home, a good solid 70 hours a week for myself and being able to concentrate, focus and be alert for 10-15 hours days in front of a computer screen is something that is very hard for anyone. I have been using coffee in excess and really wanted to cut down but knew that it did help my concentration. I was introduced to Addtabz through a friend who swore by it and ordered myself some online asap.

There was a good boost to mental energy and energy in general really. I found I had an extra oomph in my step and seem to be in slightly euphoric mood (several people have commented on my happy go lucky mood lately) I thought that drinking so much coffee for so long that the stimulants in this product wouldn’t hit me as hard and I would need to double the dose or something for the usual effect, but I found the regular dose to be sufficient to get stimulated and energetic. I have since using it for a good full week double the dose and that’s where the results really started to kick in for me. No bad side effects like headaches, high blood pressure or insomnia either with this which was very welcomed after reading some bad / negative reviews and user experiences that talked about sleepless nights and bad withdrawal headaches.

Using Addtabz I am not drinking even 1/3 of the coffee and have reaps some great rewards. It seems to last about 4 hours at a time per dose and the effects are definitely more tunnel vision (less mind wandering from the task) improved mood, concentration, memory it would seem and other little perks

Will definitely be ordering more Addtabz in the near future and recommending it to my tech worker colleagues. Solid supplement.

Solid overall product supplies lasting energy
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Visitor: Matthew Beret on
January 1 2013

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