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So its not a ripoff or scam??

This product is a god send for small business owners and online entrepreneurs in specific (I can imagine for people with mild attention deficit disorder as well as my brother). I run and am growing an online business and I am required (or just enjoy) to spend 80+ hours a week following and working on my dream. I do so with joy and passion, yet I find myself having troubles as of late (the burn out effect of devoting your life to something ambitious)

A good solid mental energy and focus supplement is worth its weight in gold for me, any extra concentration, time, or energy spent on my business is money in my pocket and so Adder RX really does pay for itself many times over every time it gives me the extra motivation, clarity and performance I have experienced with it.

I used to rely on a steady and insane diet of energy drinks, coffee and espresso to work my crazy hours so actually a product like this is much much cheaper when you consider that it is a much cleaner and longer lasting energy. I have cut out one of my coffee’s on my drive to the office and that is already paying for this new AdderRX habit.

I don’t think there is anywhere you can buy adderrx in stores yet and the only real place I found to purchase it was the company’s main website. Does anyone know of anywhere selling this product?

Anyways, if your work or business is involved and long, dedicated and focused hours are a necessity, this product can actually serve as a huge investment instead of an expense. On several occasions I have taken much more than the daily average dose and I haven’t experienced any negative side effects, so it does seem to be quite safe as well for those of you worrying about that.Good luck to all you hustlers out there! Enjoy the new found edge at the end of those long days!

Great for people that work online
Rating: 4.65 out of 5
Visitor: Thomas Smit on
February 2 2013

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