Headaches & Weight Loss | My AdderRX Review

fat and weight loss Gave these pills a try after my cousin was talking about them on facebook and saying that they helped quite a bit with gaming and working and concentrating on things for extended periods of time in general. I am not an ADHD person or anything so the whole ‘natural adderall alternative over the counter‘ tagline didn’t really appeal to me knowing that is a strong medication for ADD people… but I definitely could put some extra focus into everything I do and probably get a lot better results, money and success with just that extra little bit of effort I seem to be lacking.

I did really like it as a ‘nootropic’ and ‘mental booster’ but one of the really cool things like i have read in another AdderRX review was the sustained and gradual fat and weight loss I have had on it. I went a heard and research all the ingredients to figure out why it does work for fat loss, and it seems that a few of the key components of the formula are actually super popular as appetite suppressants, theromogenic (raise body temperature slightly thus burning more calories) and fat metabolizer.

I wasn’t even looking to lose any weight but started getting compliments after a couple weeks that my face looked skinnier and less bloated so I think I am going to start working out again and perhaps try and get in great shape for the summer. I have all the energy in the world and the boredom and emotional eating that I used to have with my basically sedentary lifestyle are gone so now is probably a great time to start reversing some bat habits lol.

Solid product as mental booster, but even better as a weightloss aide funny enough, hopefully this review helps some other people if you have been thinking about buying this or some other similar product., cheers.

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