Big Weight Loss on AdderRX / Phentabz combo

Hey there, I have recently being on a fitness and goal kick, trying to get my shit together before I start college next year. I have been looking for supplements that could help me in my journey and with my goals of being more productive, get in great physical shape for the ladies, have tons of energy and promote overall good mood.

I found out about these two products while looking up Addtabz actually. I had a friend that was taking them after seeing them on the website Thedirty, and loved them and lost some weight (probably due to the DMAA in it)

I researched it quite a bit and found an alternative pill, AdderRX, that was supposed to be a bit stronger and promote more weight loss. I also was pleased to find out that the same company that makes addtabz also made a fat burner that was supposed to compete with prescription Phentermine, Phentabz.

I have been taking both AdderRX by Nexgen and Phentabz by Gentech and the before and after results going into my 2nd month have been pretty drastic. I have to give myself credit as I have been really busting my ass with cardio and free weights as well as watching my diet and keeping it really clean with lots of protein and little carbs, but I honestly believe the supplement provided the extra energy and appetite suppression I’ve need to stick to it.

AdderX is a strong focus and concentration formula as well, and the days vie hit the gym without taking it I have noticed drastically less productivity and performance. It’s really hard to say which one has led to more of the actual fat loss (I’m gaining muscle tone so I know its direct fat deposits) but I am glad with both products.

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If you are currently taking phentabs Id highly suggest maybe complementing it with a mental clarity and focus pill like I have, taken before working out or during times when your lazy and unproductive can seriously engage you and prevent you from doing silly things like reaching for food. I’ll try and post up some before and after pictures if I can figure out a way to submit them to this site.

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