Review of Doxiderol. A Natural, Legal, OTC alternative for ADHD?

reviews of doxiderol I was addicted to stimulant ADHD medication (I was a non-responder to non-stimulant meds like Strattera, Wellbutrin, etc) and released that it was a massive problem that i couldn’t keep up. I was taking way too much and started using it recreationally and building a tolerance as well. I had a hard time coming clean with myself about this because they really did help me to be productive and played a huge part in me turning my life around when i first discovered their legitimate effects to treating my impulse and concentration problems as a teenager. It was simply time to quit because my life was going downhill, I was losing my integrity and I knew I was going to give myself a heart attack eventually.

Withdrawal was horrible with the meds… I had really changed my brain chemistry and became chemically addicted i suppose and it took multiple tries with relapses to finally kick it once and for all.

My mood, concentration, attention, productivity and efficiency was WAY down when i stopped which i guess is what resulted in the multiple relapses. Talking to friends I realized I needed to ween off and still use a supplement until I could rearrange my life and habits to be normal again. I tried lots of different products and Doxiderol was by far my favorite.

It isn’t like the medications but takes the edge off for sure. It was that even tiny little bit of performance increase I needed to get my life together and rearrange it for effectiveness. I am now in cognitive behavioral therapy and along with Doxiderol am making some big strides medication free.

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Just thought I would leave a quick review Doxiderol to help others considering medications, that are trying to get off of them like me or people having a hard time that they are dependent on dangerous chemical. Much love to all. – Brian

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