Diazaclone? Thoughts on new Remtabz sleeping pills

Diazaclone what?

I saw an ad for Remtabz online and checked it out. Seemed like a legit alternative to what I normally take, Alteril, so I thought why not give it a go. I was a bit nervous as to this new pill with its fancily named “proprietary formulation”. I don’t know a whole lot about brain waves, but I thought Alpha and Beta were used when we were awake, Beta being the higher end of the spectrum when we are wide awake and Alpha when we are relaxed and not doing a lot of processing. Thinking this, I thought it weird when the website claimed that Diazaclone stimulated the production of these brain waves. I thought they had their information backwards, I recall from psychology that the brain goes from Alpha to Theta when you fall asleep, so I did a little research of my own on brain waves. To my surprise I did find that a lack of Beta waves could cause insomnia. After deciding maybe they do know what they are talking about, I gave it a try. I bought a single bottle and followed the directions. While lying in bed I would like to think that I did feel more calm than normal on these otc sleeping pills, but it’s difficult to say. It could have just been the placebo effect happening for me. Anyways, I fell asleep shortly after and woke up feeling well rested. I wouldn’t say they worked any better at helping me get to sleep than the Alteril did, but I think I do feel better in the morning when I wake up. I feel well rested and wide awake with no grogginess, Alteril can make me a bit slow in the mornings. Also, I do find if I take Alteril for long enough without a break it can become less effective. I don’t know why, everything I’ve read says it is all natural and you can’t build up a tolerance, but I seem to have something going on like that. I can’t really comment on the tolerance towards Remtabz yet as I haven’t been taking them long enough, but I will continue taking this bottle and see how it goes. Only problem is the price, this stuff is not cheap! This point kind of puts me on the fence about it. There’s definitely pros and cons for me and I just don’t think I can justify buying another bottle when I have something else that is cheaper that works almost as well. I’m a cheapskate though; to each their own.

Customer Remtabz Review by Ken Wake on Nov 19. Rating: 3 / 5

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