My favorite: AdderRX vs Alpha Brain vs Profiderall vs Addtabz

adderrx vs profiderall, addtabz,alpha brain
Alright, so I am a performance junkie to the T and as a self employed business owner that works on the internet, anything that can give me extra concentration, mental energy and zone me into my work is worth its weight in gold I particularly was interested in comparing adderrx vs adderall and ritalin. I have tried all of the natural herbal stuff and lots of the medications but have recently been playing around with these study drugs and nootropic smart drugs. I have tried some of the more popular ones now like alpha brain, brain stack, profiderall, addie up, addtabz and a bunch of other ones I bought at CVS years ago. I really like these products and particularly AdderRX (or Nuphetamine as reviewers call it) a lot more, the medications were illegal, expensive and had some pretty nasty side effects and the herbs and all natural ingredients didn’t really work or do anything for me despite the various happy reviews at GNC from other shoppers.

So, I decided to buy all of these online and put each of these 4 through a couple of weeks trial (I didn’t care to waste money, as I said I make lots of money with focus, and anything that boost that is worth GOLD) to find my fave. I compared Profiderall vs Alpha Brain vs Addtabz vs AdderRX over the last couple months and each was kind of different. I would have to say and recommend AdderRX or Nuphetamine HCM as the clear cut winner though. It wasn’t a blowout but all around it was my obvious choice. Alpha Brain gave me headaches, an upset stomach and some weird sexual side effects. Addtabz kept me up all night and made me anxious, profiderall didn’t really work very well compared to the others and brain stack didn’t do anything in the first couple days. AdderRX had the best overall performance and value for me. Addtabz might last longer but is more expensive so that equals out, minus the insomnia and weird anxiety from its ingredients. Alpha brain I wouldn’t recommend to anyone really, and profiderall I will probably just give to someone who needs a very weak stimulant that doesn’t like coffee ha.

I will keep experimenting and leaving my reports and reviews online, but for now I would have to recommend Nuphetamine HCM (Adder RX by nexgen biolabs) as the best out of those 4 popular choices.

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