Consumer Report: “Addtabz works as nootropic stack”

addtabz reviewed

OTC Smart Drug Review
All through my life, I have been what could be classified as a performance junkie, and I have been looking to get the most effective mental product that will help me to reach my goals. I have diligently done some amazing research. Joined message boards, talked with people at supplement stores, and, searched the web in and out for all the different products and how they rate against each other. This has exposed me to knowing the products. Though I don’t take much pills now because of a great diet and lots of mental training through yoga and meditation.

I am particularly concerned about brain fitness, mental enhancing and 2014 nootropics drugs or smart drugs as the case may be. I like the idea of enhancing and unlocking the human potentials.  I have conducted the necessary research on all kinds of nootropic and racetams supplement that are, and have attempted making my own ‘stack’, as it is fondly called, in order to get the required results.

I made up my mind to try AddTabz after reading about the effectiveness of the formula and running into some issues while trying to make my own. I searched all over for stores selling it like CVS & GNC, but ultimately ordered online. I like the idea of taking some pills after messing with some bulk powders for a great period of time without much success. I am in love with the product.

Addtabz has been proved scientifically to be effective, and there are so many great testimonials out there that will help you decide. I have not seen any negative side effects like sleeplessness or jitters. Overall, this is a perfect product, and you really need to give it a trial if you are looking for a nootropic like me!

AddTabz reviewed by Arthur Murdoch on December 6, 2013. Rating: 5 / 5

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