ADHD Medication Alternative: AdderRx

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AdderRx for Energy and Focus

I have a friend that gave me the rest of his AdderRx bottle after he said it didn’t work for him. I did some research about it, like what the ingredients are and what customer reviews had to say about it. The AdderRx reviews were pretty mixed, it seems like it really depends on the person whether it will have positive effects for them or if they just won’t feel anything. From what I found from my research, it contains a couple stimulants like DMAE and caffeine as well as some amino acids and neurotransmitters that have been proven to have some effect in improving cognition and reducing stress.
Myself personally, I’ve found that it is pretty effective for me in helping me stay concentrated when I am studying for long periods of times. I haven’t experienced any of the jitteriness that some people say they get from it, but I am a pretty big coffee drinker. Whenever I take AdderRx I make sure I don’t drink any coffee. I don’t really need the coffee anyways since I already get a similar effect as the caffeine from the AdderRx.
My supply is almost finished now so I have been looking where to buy AdderRx online. Seems stores like CVS don’t carry it yet from what I can tell and Amazon looks like they did carry it but they don’t any more. The only place that seems to have it now is the Nexgen Biolabs website. The price isn’t too bad if you compare it to what Adderall would cost you. I am probably going to buy a few bottles to save on shipping. If you haven’t tried it before, I’d say just get a single bottle to make sure that it works for you since there are customer reviews out there that say that it didn’t really work for them.

AdderRx reviewed by Carly Gustafson on June 4. Rating: 5 / 5

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