OTC ADHD Medication Alternative Profiderall – User Review

Profiderall, an OTC Alternative Supplement

They say Profiderall is a “smart drug”, or something they call a nootropic. Basically these just seem like fancy terms for a product that is supposed to be an over the counter replacement for Vyvanse or Adderall. I’ve tried my fair share of this type of medication, or supplement as the over the counter ones are considered, and I like to think I am pretty knowledgeable in the area. There are two main groups of prescription ADHD medications, they are Methylphenidate and Amphetamine. They work similarly; they are central nervous system stimulants that effect dopamine levels. The many ADHD medication alternatives that have become popular more recently such as Profiderall and BrainStack are not as heavy duty as their prescription alternatives. They generally blend together natural ingredients such as herbs that have been shown to have energy or cognitive improvements. They aren’t all natural though, many of them will add in synthetic vitamins or their own creations. The main ingredient in Addtabz is Ampheta-CDP, which they claim to be the most advanced and effective synthetic amphetamine. It’s difficult to judge these claims though, because even though their products are FDA approved, their product claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. You really just have to try them for yourself to judge their effectiveness.
I personally prefer the over the counter products like Profiderall because they are created with safer and more natural ingredients and have been shown to have less side effects. There’s a reason that some stimulants are only given out as prescription medication and why others have been cleared to be sold otc. Most people that have done Profiderall comparison reviews have drawn similar conclusions. What is lacks in strength it makes up for in general better health.

Customer Profiderall Review by James Reimer on Nov 30.
Rating: 3 / 5


Profiderall vs AdderRX & Adderall – My Evaluation

profiderall vs adderall I have tried several products that are very similar to AdderRX by Nexgen Biolabs and I have to say that I am actually surprised and impressed with this supplement. I wasn’t expecting much, it didn’t have the same amount of buzz, reputation or brand exposure as Profiderall, but in my experience and trying and comparing both Profiderall vs AdderRX unbiased I have to say that it was a way better bang for the buck.

I felt that it lasted much longer and the come down was less annoying. That is that its beneficial effects are spread over a longer period of time, and as the product starts to wear off and die down, it doesn’t do so with one big crash. Profideral on the other hand did give the same type of boost to my mental powers, but it didn’t last as long and it when it did start to wear off, it did so very rapidly, often leaving me feeling drained and sometimes slightly depressed? I would say that buying AdderRX (best prices available here) would also be much smarter if you have depression problems already.

I have also tried Adderall and Ritalin, the prescription medications that these dietary supplements are trying to mimic in a sense. That stuff is STRONG and I had wild side effects and disturbances to my daily habits. I would definitely not take it again as it has been shown to be habit forming and turn people into addicts. Comparing Adderall vs Profiderall and AdderRX really isn’t a fair judgment to make, they are in completely differently leagues, but I think I’ll stick to the legal over the counter supplements instead of the harsh prescription drugs anyways!I really liked this product and am going to order a couple more bottles, perhaps after the school year I will start experimenting more with other products and the individual ingredients all mixed up, but for now I just want to stick to something that is working and not waste my money experimenting.

AdderRX better than Profiderall or Adderall
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Visitor: Cam Snead on
May 7 2013